030 — Ixtab Takes a Ride with Sam De La Rosa (Led Er Est / The Coombe)


Ixtab has wandered into a dark room, has let down her ropes, and plugged herself in. Riding the comet through the room to light the way. Itxab rides the comet until she can memorize each placement of objects in the room. Unplugging herself, she puts her ropes back on and feels her way through the darkness.

Today I welcome friend and special guest, Samuel De La Rosa, best known under the alias Samuel Kklovenhoof of the band Led Er Est. His new musical project with partner Karen Sharkey, The Coombe, released their debut LP on the German-based label, Mannequin. Sam will DJ two upcoming events: Saturday, August 3rd at MASS Gallery for Hotbox Open Studio featuring new work by Jules Jones, Jill Pangallo, and Max Jurren and Friday, August 16th at Chain Drive with Willie Burns (L.I.E.S.) and Bill Converse.

For more information please visit Samuel Kklovenhoof on — SoundCloud | Instagram

01. Orphee - Eurydice
02. House Revs - Hype (Monofonus Press)
03. Philadelphia Five - Bongawalk
04. S U R V I V E - Hourglass (Mannequin)
05. Caberet Voltaire - Hypnotize
06. Willie Burns - Key Horizon (L.I.E.S)
07. Klorex 55 - Mijouki (käfTen)
08. Le Syndicat Electonique - Crashland (Invasion Planet)
09. I-F - Theme From Pack
10. Legowelt vs Orgue Electronique - Pussy Persuit (Bunker)
11. Neud Photo - Collection House (Clear Vinyl 12" EP Pink Label)