033 — Ivy Barkakati (DJ)


Ivy Barkakati is a Barcelona-based artist/DJ, currently focusing on solo material and co-running multidisciplinary label, Anòmia - created alongside Arnau Sala in 2012, who've reissued quality edition releases from Xeerox and seminal no-wave group, Mars. Anòmia offers as a platform to collaborate with a wide gamut of artists and collectives, to achieve common goals and make them accessible.

Cease to Exist is pleased to welcome Ivy to the program with a Q&A, followed by an excellent mix for our listeners, drawing from forthcoming and existing Anòmia releases, unreleased material, and music by friends:

You're involved in multiple creative projects, can you discuss what those are and how've you fared managing them all at once?
I make music solo and DJ, I have a band, Vactor, with Arnau Sala, and he and I run a label, Anòmia. I have yet to experience a real juggling act with these projects, but 2014 is gearing up to be my most active year thus far.

What persuaded you to start a label?
Before I met Arnau, I had never considered starting my own label, but after we became involved, the idea made perfect sense. He had years of experience running the now-defunct Ozonokids label, and I have been buying records for years. We’re able to mesh his taste in noise/industrial/experimental with mine in dance music to create the broad spectrum that Anòmia represents.

How has relocating from the states to Barcelona affected you?
The move gave me a direction in life. I was aimlessly drifting in Baltimore when I met Arnau while he was on tour there, and through a whirlwind turn of events I ended up moving to Barcelona two years ago. Now I am studying Spanish to English translation and taking Catalan classes. Outside of the classroom I’ve learned about the Spanish Civil War, life under Franco, and the Catalan independence movement. Also I’ve gotten to meet a number of people passing through Barcelona on tour that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Walk us through an intimate day in your life….
Coffee, Internet, post office, stopping by record stores such as Discos Paradiso and Lostracks, doing homework, working on the label and music.

A record you never tire of
Sade - Diamond Life.

What are you listening to?
Various mixes, such as this one, and unreleased music made by friends.

What are you reading?
Various newspapers online (El País, Guardian, etc.). There are a bunch of books I already have that I need to start reading soon, but my Internet addiction distracts me from starting them. The last book I read was Arianna Huffington’s biography of Picasso. He was a total psychopath.

Last movie you watched?
Code Unknown (Haneke, 2000).

If you could collaborate with any artist, past/present, who would it be?

What’s in the works for your solo music, Vactor, and Anòmia?
I’m working on a tape for my friend Rob Francisco’s label, Silvox Recordings, and I’ll have another solo release out on another label later this year. Vactor is working on material for a new live set and new recordings. Anòmia’s upcoming releases include records by Helmer (my friend Dan, half of the techno duo Sycorax), N.M.O., and Veiled.

For more information, please visit Ivy on — SoundCloud | Twitter

Intro: DJ Bookworms - Product Configuration (Mechanism 12”, Anòmia, 2013)

1. Helmer - You’re Wanting (Sated 12”, Anòmia, 2014)
2. M Ax Noi Mach - Creeper Sits (In The Shadows, White Denim, 2010)
3. Arnau Sala Saez - Tot Torna (Música Para Disciplina, Uxe Mentale, 2013)
4. Ivy Barkakati - Meringato (unreleased)
5. Vactor - Rubber (Vactor, Anòmia, 2012)
6. 51717 - Exquisite Collection (unreleased)
7. DJ Bookworms - Photogenic (Mechanism 12”, Anòmia, 2013)
8. Exoteric Continent - Sinòpsi d’una Crisi (Primera Norma, Hospital Productions, 2014)
9. N.M.O. - Dirty Hut (Nederlandse Maatschappij Ontwikkeling 12”, Anòmia, 2014)
10. Ivy Barkakati - Obras (unreleased)