Ritual Union - White Sage Quartz Cream

For self-care ritual. Relieve stress by relaxing. Develop healthy connection with your touch. Clears tension & helps you find your center. White sage is an ally that will strengthen your angel wings, your communication, & help you with trust. Apply each night to feet for sound sleep. Daily maintenance massage on neck & shoulders. 100% Organic.
*Ingredients: Ritual Union's Rose & Rosemary Hydrosol, aloe vera, white sage, blue vervain, skullcap, mullein, ginger, peppermint, passion flower, chile pequin, cotton wood, olive oil, sweet almond oil, olive m 1,000, shea butter, rosemary extract, clary sage & sweet orange, clear quartz

2.0 oz.

Made in Austin, Texas

For questions, please contact our store via email or by phone: (512) 524-0430

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