Pretty Hole Collective - Sunflower Essence


Sunflower Flower Essence: Blue Moon 2015 Charge : Sun Overlord Essence Aids Solar Plexus; A Heart Helper Teaching Us Strength Is In Acknowledging We Create Our Own Realities.

Suggested directions: use 4-7 drops under tongue or in water at least 4 times a day. Use in your bath, on your body or add to other medicines.

All Essences are made using Biodynamic practices.
All Flower Essences are made with wild-crafted specimens.
Gem & Mineral essences are made with found/wild-crafted specimens.
ALL Essences are made with permission and under request of said specimen, during Waxing or Full Moon, using spring water, and preserved with 20% gluten-free local vodka.

1 oz dosage bottle

Made in Austin, Texas

If preferred, you can pay over the phone using your credit card by calling: (512) 524-0430

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