Exhibition Opening: November 11, 2017
Participant of Big Medium's E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour)

“i have no idea” is a site-specific object installation in collaboration with Las Cruxes store-gallery.
Coolquitt frequently utilizes scavenged materials to create totemic, shrine-like, pathos-infused gatherings of urban detritus. His sculptures are a means to highlight how humans relate to each other and to the spaces around them, how architecture, objects, and environment interact to manipulate space and dictate experience.

Andy Coolquitt, b. 1964, Mesquite, Texas
Coolquitt is perhaps most widely known for a house, a performance/studio/domestic space that began as his master's thesis project at the University of Texas at Austin in 1994, and continues to the present day.
Recent exhibitions include Strange Pilgrims, at the The Contemporary Austin, Texas; Thief Among Thieves, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver; Burn these eyes captain, and throw them all in the sea! at Rodeo Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey; The problem today is not the the other but the self, at The Goethe Institute in NYC.


September 24, 2016 — January, 2017

IN RESIDENCE is a rolling exhibition highlighting both established and emerging artists, with an emphasis on simple appreciation and an open concept of work and composition. Artworks have no particular standing-time but each aims to find balance and interaction between other works and their environment.

Nevine Mahmoud, b. 1988, London, England
Nevine Mahmoud is a Sculptor who lives and works in Los Angeles. Recent exhibitions include, The Poet, the critic and the Missing at MOCA Los Angeles, Brancusi 2.0 at Arturo Bandini, The Lasting Concept at Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, and SOGTFO at François Ghebaly. She is a recipient of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation emerging artist grant and holds an MFA from the Roski School of Fine Art at the University of Southern California.


September 9, 2016

Cast from Hecate's bosom into the cold embrace of Poseidon. The story of the penguin is a sad one indeed. Eternally burdened with incompetent limbs. This flightless bird, this tuxedo'd monstrosity, flaps in vain and squawks with mighty rage yet perpetually remains chained to this earth. But we have much to learn from these fowl beasts. The vestiges of the penguin's once mighty appendages serve as a reminder that we must break free from our own biological boundaries lest we too become victims of the whimsies of cruel gods. This is where I will transition to how this relates to my art. Should we not strive, against all odds, like the penguin, to reach the pinnacle of our potential? Should we not curse the heavens for depriving us of the ability to taste with our eyes? To see with our ears? To hear with our mouths? To experience pleasure both carnal and divine? The exhibit and masterful works of art seek to break these physical bonds allowing us to experience pleasure forever. To experience Charles Zhang Forever.

Charles Su Zhang, b. 1986, Beijing, China
Although he has no formal artistic training, he is considered by many to be one of the great masters of our generation. He received his B.A. in Government from the University of Texas, and J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law. He is an artist and accomplished attorney currently living and working in Austin, Texas.


March 12 — August 30, 2016

IN RESIDENCE is a rolling exhibition highlighting both established and emerging artists, with an emphasis on simple appreciation and an open concept of work and composition. Artworks have no particular standing-time, but each aims to find balance and interaction between other works and their environment.

Cristine Brache, b. 1984, Miami, Florida
Cristine Brache is an artist and poet. Recent exhibitions include S at Arcadia Missa, I know the master wasted object at Guccivuitton, and Issue #21 Optimized Textures (Team Titanic) at Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover. Her poetry has recently appeared in How to Sleep Faster #6, Tender Two, and Apogee. She lives and works in London, England.

Emma Kohlmann, b. 1989, New York City
Kohlmann graduated from Hampshire College in 2011. She primarily works in watercolor and sumi ink and publishes her own artist's books and other ephemera such as records, zines and t-shirts. She has exhibited work throughout the United States, Montreal, Tokyo and Berlin. She currently lives and works in Western Massachussetts.

Kevin Thomas McNamee-Tweed, b. 1984, North Carolina
McNamee-Tweed is an artist and curator based in Austin, Texas. From North Carolina, he graduated from NYU in 2007. His work has been exhibited around the United States, ranging from installations and visual art to books and zines. His first exhibition, Rocks, won the Austin Critics Table Award for Best Solo Exhibition in 2012-2013. His 2014 project, Books, was recently published by Farewell Books, Molasses Books, and Raw Paw Press. Most recently, his 2015 project, Words, was published by Punctum Books. He currently works as Gallery Curator at Big Medium in Austin, Texas

Jordan Nassar, b. 1985, New York City
Nassar’s work addresses the intersection of craft, language, history, (geo)politics, and technology. Focusing on the intricacies of identity and cultural participation, as an Arab-Polish-American, Nassar treats traditional craft more as medium than topic, using contemporary visual language to examine subjects such as cultural heritage, ownership, exchange and absorption; geography, politics, and orientalism; symbology, codes and language systems; superstition and religious belief; contemporary computerized visuals; and representational and geometric abstraction. He currently works as Coordinator of Fairs and Editions for Printed Matter Inc. in New York City.


December 12, 2015 — January 30, 2016

V : Structures & Solutions, is a series and visual representation of sex-positive feminist politics. 'V' is a placeholder for phallic comparisons, missing tools in our culture's language. The major theme extends from societal misinformation of 'typical-female' and inter-sex people and seeks to encourage acknowledgement of sexual anatomy and it's true spectrum.
Latex and water soluble paints are the intentional mediums for the hard color blocked structures which host story lines of corruptive norms and femme solutions.

Elle Erickson, born 1986, is an artist raised in Omaha, Nebraska and currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.


October 3 — November 30, 2015 

Stained Glass is a play on the idea of traditional stained glass work, which would usually be seen in beautiful colored mosaics and iron form; where light is admitted, reflected or controlled. In this collaborative show between Lauren O’Connor and Ben Trogdon, this idea is reinterpreted with a personal account of the world they inhabit in 21st Century New York City.
O’Connor’s large grid pieces (depicting cherubs, free-form illustrations, and poetry) of india ink on mylar and velum are accompanied by Trogdon’s film photography, documenting the NYC punk underground and everything in-between.
Since meeting in Olympia, Washington—a friendship spanning more than 10 years—the two have collaborated on countless art projects, including combining their two respective zines—Nuts! and SUN ZUN—to create Sun Nuz Zun, showcasing the art and works by friends and interviews with bands. Together they continue to support and help each other grow as artists and people.

Lauren O'Connor born 1983 in Las Vegas, is an artist, poet and tattooist living and working in New York City. She currently runs Tattoo You, a private studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn and operates a small publishing press, Jack In Your Box Press.

Ben Charles Trogdon born 1985 in Seattle, is a photographer and musician living and working in New York City. He printed his first issue of his DIY punk fanzine, Nuts! at age 16, which continues to be a major part of his life. He currently performs in JJ Doll with former bandmates from his previous band, IVY.


August 1 — September 29, 2015

Sherts and Dreams is a collection of canvas that has been cut or stretched and colored using fat brushes and watery pigments. The body of work regularly references clothing or textiles; sometimes unwillingly, sometimes directly. While there are numerous nods to branding and rampant cultural jests, it is balanced by a number of more pious attempts to communicate purely by means of color and composition. Between these opposing contexts, individual pieces must find their way by embracing their vague familiarity and seeking authentic epiphany.

Kevin McNamee-Tweed is an artist and curator based in Austin, Texas. Raised in North Carolina, he graduated from NYU in 2007. His work has been exhibited around the country, ranging from installations and visual art, to books and zines. His exhibition, Rocks, won the Austin Critics Table Award for Best Solo Exhibition in 2012-2013. His 2014 project, Books, was recently published by Farewell Books, Molasses Books, and Raw Paw. He currently works as Gallery Curator at Big Medium in Austin, Texas.


June 6 — July 26, 2015

The works in Mixed Signals respond to everyday errors and difficulties in communication. Crossing out and covering of visual information form an integral part of building these images. The paintings, culled from the past three years, vary in their construction, from a poured, sculptural process to a slower image-based, build up, tear down process.

Philip Harrell is an artist living and working in Austin, TX. He received his BFA from The University of Texas at Austin in 2011. He has shown in several group shows in Dallas and Austin.


February 7 — March 29, 2015

Domokos / FUTURE BLONDES / is a Houston/Austin based artist and musician. His collages, in part inspired by the art of Damon Edge of Chrome, futurize dada techniques. Familiar objects are highjacked and transformed into fetishes for unspoken states of astonishment and desire. These new images, derived from everyday sources, suggest human rituals amid alien landscapes.

Domokos has been a mainstay in the core of Future Blondes and Rusted Shut. He has also been a performing and recording member of Helios Creed/Chrome, Black Leather Jesus, Indian Jewelry and many other formations. He has shown his visual work at Discipline/Temporary Space, Lawndale Art Center (Winner of the Studio Artist Residency Grant 2012), Third Space Copenhagen DK, Gallery Homeland, and Civic TV Collective.


December 6, 2014 — January 31, 2015

HISSING PEARLS is a collection of Sonya Sombreuil Cohen’s most recent oil paintings. Drawing from a wide range of influences such as comic art, erotica, and psychoanalysis. The materials Cohen uses refer to the psychedelic nature of oil paint itself—the transubstantiation of earth matter into image. The paintings approach and retreat from their sources, and the figures in the paintings talk back—obliquely and in veils.

Sonya Sombreuil Cohen lives and works in California. She attended Hampshire College, where she studied Art and Philosophy. Since 2009 she has operated Come Tees, a screen-printing press that creates conceptual and narrative clothing. She has shown in Olympia, WA, Western Mass, and currently in Miami for Art Basel.

October 4, 2014 — November 30, 2014

HAPPINESS IN SLAVERY, is a collection of recent lithographic prints, gouache paintings, and ink drawings, focused in ideas of hesitation, phobia, and sadomasochism. An acceptance of uncompromising circumstance. An agreement with inadequacy. Stockholm syndrome. Emotional abuse. These works were developed on impulse, by means of mathematics, mechanical exercise, and thought.

Nadia Esseghaiar was born 1994 in Verona, Italy and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Her work has been exhibited in Texas and Cannes, France. She is currently enrolled at ACC for her associates in Studio Art. She lives and works in Austin, Texas.


August 2 — September 30, 2014

The Erotic Chimera is a body of recent photographic works by artist Elizabeth Scott, exploring themes of youth, beauty, sexuality, and decay.

Elizabeth Scott was born in 1990 in San Antonio, TX. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA and works within mediums of photography, performance, and sound.


June 14 — July 29, 2014

Element Objects is a collection of Juan's most recent drawings, sustaining his work with ideas of signs, temporality, experience, and the self.

Juan Cisneros attended the University of Texas where he acquired a BFA in transmedia. His practice includes drawing, video, and recording music under the name Ju4n. Most recently he was included in a group show at Interstate Projects, Brooklyn. He currently lives and works in Austin, TX.


May 9 — June 1, 2014

In Pose is a selection of recent photographs and paintings from 2014. This series observes the difference between pose and naturalism. During a road trip from California to Texas, Leah was attracted to the colors, gestures and moments she encountered. Also included are recent paintings that are a reflection of Meltzer's infatuation of the posed female form & three photographs outside her travels, that reflect feelings towards her subjects.

Leah Meltzer attended Parson School of Design acquiring a BFA in photography while working for several New York artists. She has performed at the Contemporary Museum of Art in Houston, TX and continues to use performance as a medium for exploring her work. Currently she lives in Austin, as a studio member of the Rosewood Collective.


April 7 — May 2, 2014

Dream You/Dreamed Me is inspired in part by a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, The Circular Ruins dealing with idealism and the manifestation of dreams into reality, and the immortal nature of the creative process.
The human/beast hybrid figures in de Dionyso's gorgeous sumi ink paintings on vellum and paper, dance ecstatically between this sur-reality and the erotic tension inherent in the intergalactic communications of star-bodied entities with the artist. These mysterious beings dream the artist from another dimension just as much as they reflect an interior realm of utopic imagination.

Arrington returns to our gallery in conjunction with Austin Psych Fest where he'll perform alongside Bombino and Acid Mothers Temple on Saturday May 3rd. The day prior一Friday, May 2nd一we'll host a special live drawing performance in our gallery.


March 8 — March 31, 2014

Jean Nagai is a multimedia artist inspired by the ominous natural world of the Pacific Northwest, and the contemporary pop landscape. His work is often abstractly representative of complex patterns broken down to simple systems using collage, sumi ink, acrylic and spray paint. He has developed a visual vocabulary reflecting the confluence of nature and mass culture, manifested utilizing traditional and experimental techniques. Jean received his B.A. in Fine Art at The Evergreen State College and performs music under Chrome Windows.

Born 1979 in Seattle, WA. Lives and works in Olympia, WA.
Recent exhibitions include: American Dreamer at Flat Color Gallery, Seattle; Use Your Illusion 3 at Fulcrum Gallery, Takoma, WA; Altered States at The Northern Gallery, Olympia.


January 11 — February 26, 2014

POUR THE KOOLAID is a exhibition of collages, sculptures and wearable works created for Las Cruxes by Donna Huanca.
Donna Huanca’s sculptures and collages are constructed from discarded materials such as clothing, shoes, and ephemera. Working within the assemblage tradition, Huanca uses found materials that are collected on various trips around the world, circulating the pieces into various installations. Art works will be displayed throughout the store as well as inserted into the retail inventory to be encountered as rare retail objects.

Born in Chicago, Huanca received a BFA from the University of Houston (2004) and studied at Städelschule, Frankfurt, Germany (2009-10). A Fulbright Scholar, Huanca lived and worked in Mexico City in 2012. Huanca has developed a nomadic practice producing site-specific, experience based projects throughout the United States, Austria, Norway, Peru, Germany, Sweden and Korea. Although embodied in a wide variety of media, her work expresses a thorough engagement with linguistic experimentation. Huanca’s work conveys distinctive and precise observations on the function of the garment as an ever-evolving manner of language production and a traditional form of cultural transmission.
Publications of her work have been featured in DazedDigital, Wire, British Vogue, F5 Moscow, NY Arts, Blouin Artinfo, Art in America, and the Younger than Jesus Artist Directory published by the New Museum, NY amongst others.

Recent exhibitions include: Raw Material at Malmö Konsthall , Sweden, 2013 Arnhem Fashion Biennale, Netherlands, Pioneer Voices at the Gallery of Northern Norway, and PANIC FEAR CRYING FITS at PRETEEN Gallery, Mexico City.


October 5 — December 31, 2013

Through the use of archaic symbolism and intuitive imagination, Natasha Ghosn's work funnels an inherent spiritualism into a process that relies on clarity through unpredictable results.
SPA is a collection of drawings and silk paintings celebrating the cleansing and restorative rituals of the sun and the moon.

Natasha Ghosn was born in Houston, TX. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA where she operates her own hand-crafted perfume, jewelry, and clothing line, Mondo Mondo.


September 1 — October 1, 2013

“Spheres“ deals with the presence and absence of body and space. Starting from deserted interiors that were particularly photographed for that reason, these are projected on bodies, fabric, garments and space, creating an oscillation between the subject’s transparency and visibility.

The architecture of the room, the figure of the body, the materiality of the wallpaper and the randomness in the fabric’s folding blend into a new amorphous composition of the room.

Born in Rum, Austria, 1986. Bianca lives and works in Vienna and Innsbruck, and studies Fine Art/Photography at the University of Applied Arts.


July 26 — August 27, 2013

Jared Ritz makes artists’ books and occasionally two-dimensional pictures derived from them. Created almost entirely at his 8-5 cubicle job using internet-sourced images, trade magazine inserts, and Youtube screenshots, these works are examples of the intersection between digital and print media, free time vs. time constraints, and the pointless and the purposeful.
Born 1982, Havre, MT. Lives in Austin, TX.

Jon Saltzman is a sunday painter who manages an archive of appetites thru photos, video and handmade symbols. These works explore the contemporary relationship between leisure time and a warrior's traditional death desire in the age of easy access and compliance. Come take a look at the dilution of battle into an easy risk vs light reward proposal, structured for your weekend's off, with me.
Born 1981, El Paso, TX. Lives in Austin, TX


June 8 — July 10, 2013

Crux has Brown's hand dipping into different fields; with aspects of sculpture, painting, and furniture craftsmanship. The work is heavily influenced by the preciousness of Japanese culture and the ethos of Martino Gamper.

Born and raised in Austin, Moses is currently studying Scenic Design and Sculpture at The University of Texas. This show is the first time his work has been shown to the public.


May 4 — June 16, 2013

MANHOOD RITUALS is an exploration of Jamie Fletcher's interest in gender constructs through the use of S/M imagery. In in this exhibition, masked 'male' figures act out the artist's struggle identifying with femininity. In Fletcher's work submissiveness becomes power, concealment entices enactment and repulsion invites desire. Using pastels, oil, acrylic, spray paint, screen printing, bleaching, canvas, leather and wood — Fletcher makes nearly monochromatic studies of power play, exploring the limits of human affection and vulnerability.

Jamie Fletcher was born in Big Spring, TX and received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently lives and works in Berkeley, CA.


April 1 — April 26, 2013

The sumi ink drawings of Arrington de Dionyso pulse with a musical syntax, embracing improvisation in the dance between the brush and paper. De Dionyso's idiosyncratic line work evokes Ancient Near Eastern or Mayan temple iconography and Rajasthani erotic miniature painting just as much as it references the bizarre mytho-outlandish outsider visions of a Henry Darger or late period Picasso. Las Cruxes Gallery is proud to present a selection of Arrington's recent work created during a series of 24 Hour Drawing Performances held across the US and Canada throughout January 2013. The artist, with his unrelenting repetition of form and character, delves into realms of obsession by creating work of varying scale under extreme time constraints. The exotically approachable result initiates the viewer into a mythical bestiary of tigers, angels, mermaids, serpents and fantastic man-woman-creature hybrids parading across the page in an orgiastic embrace that affirms life while dancing with death.

A closing reception will feature a very special 3-song performance by Arrington's band Malaikat dan Singa, a post-Beefheartian exploration of dancehall heavily influenced by Indonesian trance music and the ecstatic spirituality of William Blake.