Mixtape Club #17 - Water
Tuesday, July 11th - 6-8 pm

Join us for Mixtape Club, a monthly meeting, free and open to the public. Mixtape Club is not only inviting, but encouraging of all genres. How it works: Compile a tape (CD's also welcome), bring 1-2 copies, and swap with a fellow member. You can also mail in your mix if you live out of town. Each meeting we'll have casual discussion and introduce or vote on a theme.

Water is the essence of life. Let's celebrate the chaos, vibrations, and healing that is done through WATER. This is your opportunity to get weird and go with the flow.
This will be our first meeting away from the shop. We will have an informal meet up at Kitty Cohen's. What better way is there than to have a Water themed club by a mini pool? This meet up will not be BYOB, as Kitty Cohen's has a fine list of tasty cocktails for you.

Kitty Cohen's is located at 2211 Webberville Rd.

Las Cruxes & Nth Presents: Gardens of Fantasy with Scott Zacharias, Jordan Zawideh, Katrina Fairlee, & ZZ Bottom
Friday, July 14th - 8pm-2am

Scott Zacharias (Secret Mixes Fixes, Macho City - Detroit) is musically ambidextrous, the co-founder of both Detroit's Macho City and Disco/Secret with Mike Trombley, and the original resident of Oslo. He started in thrash bands as a teenager then moved on to space rock project Monaural before his interests in Jazz ultimately led him to the traditions of Detroit's deep house DJs, and then beyond into a truly expansive almost psychedelic take on Disco and all its weird friends. He has blossomed into Detroit's best kept secret, a true student of freeform dance music.

Jordan Zawideh (Nation, Kstarke Records - Chicago) is a true Midwesterner, hailing from Chicago and born in Detroit. With almost two decades of experience playing clubs within the late night party scene, Zawideh has developed an improvisational technique with his record mixing that’s inseparable from his personal and creative roots in these two midwestern cities.
Zawideh has been a long time Kstarke Records employee. It was this relationship that led to his debut release, a groove called "Newton's Sleep" released on Kstarke Records: The House That Jackmaster Hater Built' alongside side artists such historic artists as Ron Hardy and Larry Heard.
With an approach to music production much like that of his jazz heroes, Jordan learned synthesis from its early beginnings in dance music as a means to explore his first sonic inspirations he experienced in the warehouse party scene in Detroit from mid to late nineties. The result is a sort of a fantasy, a love affair between early era Chicago house music and the Detroit aesthetic, coming from the perspective of a witness rather than that of an outsider. Here is a rare chance to watch the journey of a true head as they react to their influences and make a sincere effort to contribute to the history that inspired them.

$10 Entry / All Ages & Open to the Public

Las Cruxes Chess Night ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙
Monday, July 17th - 7-9 pm

You are invited to Chess Night. All players from unexperienced/beginner to advanced skill levels welcome. An ideal place to make new friends and sharpen your tactics. Encouraged to bring your own chess set, but a few boards will be available for use.

We'll listen to music and play games in a lax and low-pressure environment. Feel free to bring beverages and snacks.

Free / Open to the Public

Jul 15 - Feeling Abolition Through Nonlinear Timescales: Elysia Crampton, 7pm at ATM Gallery
Jul 15 - Elysia Crampton, Santa Muerte, Total Abuse and more, 10pm at 6500 Burnet Rd.
Jul 16 - Sunday School, 5pm at Kinda Tropical
Jul 19 - Jolt Texas - Quinceañera at the Capitol, 10am at the State Capitol (South Steps)
Jul 25 - Women's Group, 7-9pm at Las Cruxes
Jul 29 - Upstairs at Caroline with Moving Panoramas & DJ Veronica Ortuño, 7pm at Aloft/Element Hotel
Aug 1 - Mixtape Club No. 18: Covers, 6-8pm at Austin Karaoke
Aug 12 - Jesse Jerome Jenkins V & Molybden - In-Store Performance, 8pm at Las Cruxes
Aug 14 - Chess Night, 7-9pm at Las Cruxes
Aug 26 - Unseen Worlds Records - 10 Year Anniversary Party, 6pm at Las Cruxes
Sept 6 - Itasca & Lake Mary - In-Store Performance, 8pm at Las Cruxes