It’s impossible for me to label Las Cruxes solely as a boutique. That’d be limiting our vision, and there’s more depth to it.

Coming from the underground music and art community as a teenager, I had decided Las Cruxes would be a place where I can support my peers and offer an open space for creatives and guests to express themselves unhindered by expectations and censorship. A place for experimentation; a place where the unusual as well as the typical is appreciated and embraced.

Secondly, as a first generation Mexican-American, having a Spanish name was an important nod to my cultural background and how deeply proud I am of that. Las Cruxes derives from the Spanish word “las cruces”, which translates to the crosses or crossings. Years later, I realize how fitting it is to the idea of what Las Cruxes has become: the culmination of all things that have and continue to inspire me; where Art, Fashion, Music and Culture intersect. All these movements feed off and inspire the other, creating a symbiotic relationship under the same creative umbrella.

I knew I wanted a clothing store, an art gallery, a record store, a book store, a community space to host events, all in one. And I’ve always believed we can make that space a reality. Las Cruxes is a boundless platform that can evolve day-to-day and be a place of multi-faceted offerings. It’s opening a door to our curiosity, to ask: "What is it? Why is it?" and delve into those questions. There’s an intent behind every object, garment and art piece, waiting to be explored.

When someone enters the space and finds inspiration in a sculpture, the interior design, the colorful selection, or in the music we carry in-store or host on our radio program and actually have an experience…that's the most gratifying compliment for me.

Veronica Ortuño
Founder & Director

Las Cruxes is a concept store and gallery focusing on exploring art, music, and culture through a curated selection of
eclectic pieces, alongside rotating tableaux of found objects and works by emerging and established artists.