It’s impossible for me to label Las Cruxes solely as a boutique. That’d be limiting our vision, and there’s more depth to it.

Coming from the underground music and art community as a teenager, I had decided Las Cruxes would be a place where I can support my peers and offer an open space for creatives and guests to express themselves unhindered by expectations and censorship. To me, it's about making these connections with one another and reaching different backgrounds, people and communities, and never confining to one formula or isolating ourselves. Instead, to be a place for experimentation; a place where the unusual as well as the typical is appreciated and embraced.

Secondly, as a first generation Mexican-American, having a Spanish name was an important nod to my cultural background and how deeply proud I am of that. Las Cruxes derives from the Spanish word “las cruces”, which translates to the crosses or crossings. Years later, I realize how fitting it is to the idea of what Las Cruxes has become: the culmination of all things that have and continue to inspire me; where Art, Fashion, Music and Culture intersect. All these movements feed off and inspire the other, creating a symbiotic relationship under the same creative umbrella.

I knew I wanted a clothing store, an art gallery, a record store, a book store, a community space to host events, all in one. And I’ve always believed we can make that space a reality. Las Cruxes is a boundless platform that can evolve day-to-day and be a place of multi-faceted offerings. It’s opening a door to our curiosity and asking, "What is it?", "Why Is it?", and delving into those questions. There’s an intent behind every object, garment and art piece, waiting to be explored.

When someone enters the space and finds inspiration in a sculpture, the interior design, the colorful selection, or in the music we carry in-store or host on our radio program and actually has an experience…that's the most gratifying compliment for me.

Veronica Ortuño
Founder & Director

Adrienne Greenblatt
Assistant Manager & Events Coordinator

About: I was born in Reading, England in 1995, and lived briefly in Maryland before moving to the outskirts of Austin in 2000. I've worked at Las Cruxes for over three years. Within that time I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre & Dance with a concentration in costuming. I'm an avid collector of records (the more random and unknown, the better), and a fashion fanatic. I love discovering new music, seeing movies at the Austin Film Society Cinema, going to museums, looking at pictures of cute animals on the internet and trying not to cry, painting, sketching, writing music, reading, sewing, baking, being vegan, and writing.

Favorite aspect of your job: I love being a part of this community space. Being at Las Cruxes has allowed me to branch out, grow my interests, and connect me to people that have similar interests to my own. I also love that I get to take an active role in bringing events to the public, from in-store performances of all sorts to parties where everyone can let loose and dance.

Who/What inspires you: I draw inspiration from all over the place: my coworkers, nature, architecture, music, food, poetry, film, and art. I think the artists that have been most influential on me and who I am today include Björk, Marina Abramović, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Rei Kawakubo, Nan Goldin, Lydia Lunch, Debbie Harry, Laurie Spiegel, Kate Bush, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nobuyoshi Araki, Yukio Mishima, Sergei Parajanov, and Yayoi Kusama.

What are you reading: Art Sex Music by Cosey Fanni Tutti, Maldoror and Poems by Comte de Lautréamont

Recent Discovery: Exercise is very important. My dog is not immune to the allergens in Austin.

Five tracks on your ideal mixtape:
Tomoko Aran - Body to Body
Bal Paré - Palais d'Amour
Croatian Amor & Lust for Youth - Prostitution
Coil - Ostia (the Death of Pasolini)
Nature and Organisation - Wicker Man Song

Lizet Ortuño
Founder of Mixtape Club & Women's Group

About: I'm a Psychology student in pursuit of a Master's in Social Work. My fiery personality is my greatest ally in executing my ambitious goals. I'm fascinated by the esoteric and the misunderstood, be it music, art, fashion, or culture. An ideal day for me would be biking to a large body of water, floating around, while being soundtracked by Can's Tago Mago.

Favorite aspect of your job: I not only enjoy being part of the community Las Cruxes has brought together, but I thoroughly love actively building it and uniting people. With Veronica's support and constant encouragement, I have founded the Las Cruxes Mixtape Club. The shop also hosts a women's group my friend and I organize and facilitate. It's pretty incredible to witness the shop transform from retail to a community space. Even if Las Cruxes cannot offer you something physically with shopping, you can feel leaving connected emotionally.

Who/What inspires you: My family, Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, and WATER.

What are you reading: Become What You Are by Alan Watts, The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky

Recent discovery: Physically pushing myself in order to maintain a healthy mind. I swim and ride my bike daily. It has become a meditative ritual for me. In the last year I have found a love for reggae, dancehall, rock steady, and early dub. It not only relaxes me, but it quite literally lifts my mood. It's soul healing music.

Five tracks on your ideal mixtape:
The Gun Club - The Breaking Hands
Lucinda Williams - Sharp Cutting Wings
The Congos - Fisherman
Prince - I Would Die 4 U
Suicide - Surrender

Sam Ackerman
Assistant Buyer & Events Coordinator

About: I have a background in art history and critical theory and am generally culture-obsessed. I collect music, books, and magazines, omnivorously, but with a special interest in Japanese underground culture, fashion, and design. I love to swim, play chess, and eat exotic food.

Favorite aspect of your job: Las Cruxes is so dynamic and ambitious, it feels so alive. Its wonderful to be so energized by connecting with artists, musicians, and designers.

Who/What inspires you: I get a lot of inspiration from animals. They are endlessly beautiful, endlessly strange, and yet completely normal - in a weird way never surprising. Of course I’m inspired by art and music, too. I’m always looking for more, more, more. I’m always chasing inspiration.

What are you reading: Molloy by Samuel Beckett.

Recent discovery: Japanese toast. Fragrance reviews. Lucrecia Martel. Playing drums.

Five tracks on your ideal mixtape:
Basic Channel - Lyot Rmx
Prince Far I - Plant Up
Mark Hollis - A Life (1895-1916)
Eberhard Weber - T. on a White Horse
A.R. Kane - A Love From Outer Space

Alys Beider
Assistant, Public Relations & Copywriting

About: I’m originally from Birmingham, England, and moved to Austin mid-2017 with my husband Arturo and our dog Arnold. Previous to that I was living in mi querida Mexico City, a place I fell in love in and with... I have a film and culture background, and am interested in the dynamics and intersections around race, identity and power. From my mom I inherited my adoration of cooking, food, ingredients and recipes. Scared of moths and the dark, about to begin studying floral design, ever the optimist.

Favorite aspect of your job: I found myself at Las Cruxes for a show the first weekend I arrived in Austin. I was immediately enamored with the space, the people inhabiting it, the music that night and how warm Veronica was when I first spoke to her. I then started attending women’s group here, where I discovered an environment full of complex and passionate people that allowed me to think out my ideas vocally and always listened and responded with thoughtfulness and intention. To be part of Las Cruxes - with the opportunities it provides the public, the beautiful, inspiring interior, designers, and products, wonderful co-workers, the customers and the unfalteringly inclusive ethos - is a joy and a pleasure.

Who/What inspires you: My friends and those around me. My siblings and parents. People trying their best to be great people and do great things simultaneously. Kindness, optimism and drive. Stuart Hall. Grace Jones. Prince. Markets.

What are you reading: Selection Day by Aravind Adiga

Recent discovery: Azuma Makoto

Five tracks on your ideal mixtape:
The Breeders - Do You Love Me Now?
Alice Coltrane - Galaxy in Turiya
Prince - I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
Baby Huey and The Babysitters - A Change Is Gonna Come
Guided By Voices - Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox