Pretty Hole Collective - Moldavite Essence Spray


PHC Essence Sprays are designed to traverse the boundaries of gender & function. A series of Essence Medicines, using PHC's very own biodynamic flower & gem essences with essential oils.

Different from traditional perfumes, these sprays quickly shift our energy, raise our vibration & help keep us present. Great for travel; shake well & use often. 

Moldavite : Gemstone Essence (Moldava) - Snow Moon 2014 Solar Charge in Taurus Sun & Leo Moon : High vibration essence connecting us to galactic peacekeepers while keeping us grounded in our work of being present. Very useful for loving, ecological sustainability, and bigger picture issues
*Ingredients: Essential oils of cedar atlas, laurel, frankincense & blue cypress with distilled water, preserved with local gluten-free vodka. Biodynamic. 

2 oz. bottle

Made in Austin, Texas

If preferred, you can pay over the phone using your credit card by calling: (512) 524-0430

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