Pretty Hole Collective - Homeopathic Dream Whiskey

Take 4-7 drops orally before sleep to boost dream recall, promote lucid dreaming & provide insight. Use for a maximum of 4 days, then take a short break. May be Used every week, or as needed. Use with Intention.

*Ingredients: Bullet Bourbon Infused with Couchgrass, Mugwort, Lavender, Star Anise, Pyrite Essence, Molybdenite & Raw Local Honey. All Herbs Certified Organic. Biodynamic.

Notes: Like most homeopathic remedies, take Dream Whiskey 15-30 minutes after eating, drinking, or using any menthol products. Use after drinking alcohol is not encouraged. Use during the day is also not encouraged. Dream Whiskey is designed and charged to be used before sleep only. It is very Astral. If you want to boost your meditation or waking dreams, (both great practices) this is not your remedy.

That being said, when taking and then waking, be open to rethinking the idea of what a good (or bad) dream is. Perhaps for you it is even remembering your dreams; for another it might be an Increase in dream adventure; for yet another it might mean dreaming about old stuff we need to detach from so we can live more in accord with our divine will.

Remember, Dreams are Subjective. Dreams are a Road Map for Self-Exploration.

1.5 oz amber glass bottle with dropper. Limited quantity.

Made in Austin, Texas

For questions, please contact our store via email or by phone: (512) 524-0430

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