Espíritus del Ande - Myrrh - Sacred Plant Incense

Myrrh is an aromatic gum resin composed of rubber, resin and mirrol essential oil, which is what provides the characteristic aroma. It is widely used for making incense, perfumes and ointments. Besides its magical uses, is widely used as a stimulant, tonic and antiseptic.
*Strengths: Favors meditation - Clarifies space

Espíritus del Ande Incense is a 100% natural product, hand crafted from plants & resins native to The Andes Mountains. The main ingredients: Palo Santo & Wiraqoya are known throughout the land as medicines for cleansing, purification, & good fortune. The lighting of the incense represents our intention and prayer, being released into the energy field to come forth & manifest.

Hand-produced by local natives in Southern Peru, carefully holding a meditative space while they blend and shape the sticks, then dried and packaged in handmade boxes. A Fair Trade project with people receiving a living wage & working in a cooperative environment.

Each package comes with six - 4.5" sticks

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