ANDY COOLQUITT,  i have no idea
November 11, 2017 — February 10, 2018

“i have no idea” is a site-specific object installation in collaboration with Las Cruxes store-gallery.
Coolquitt frequently utilizes scavenged materials to create totemic, shrine-like, pathos-infused gatherings of urban detritus. His sculptures are a means to highlight how humans relate to each other and to the spaces around them, how architecture, objects, and environment interact to manipulate space and dictate experience.

Andy Coolquitt, b. 1964, Mesquite, Texas
Coolquitt is perhaps most widely known for a house, a performance/studio/domestic space that began as his master's thesis project at the University of Texas at Austin in 1994, and continues to the present day. Recent exhibitions include Strange Pilgrims, at the The Contemporary Austin, Texas; Thief Among Thieves, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver; Burn these eyes captain, and throw them all in the sea! at Rodeo Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey; The problem today is not the the other but the self, at The Goethe Institute in NYC.