035 — Hearts on Fire with Pure X

Monday, March 31, 2014: Hearts on Fire with guests Pure X

Cease to Exist invites comrades and Southern gents, Pure X to the program: We engage in a game of dice and discuss their forthcoming April 1st release, 'Angel' LP (Fat Possum), recording in a dancehall in rural Texas, gambling, cards, The Act of Killing, their missionary work, and stroke of luck moments on the road. Friends Jon of Silent Land Time Machine and Brandi Jo of Ritual Union join the gaming table with additional commentary.

Their mix was recorded from a cassette Austin (drums) made for his drive back to Texas from Los Angeles — pure Eddie Rabbitt GOLD...for the lovers and romantics.

*For more information, please visit Pure X on — Twitter | Instagram | purexmusic.com

Intro: Pure X - Starlight ………………. (Angel, Fat Possum, 2014)

01. Eddie Rabbitt - Room At The Top Of The Stairs
02. Eddie Rabbitt - There's Someone She Lies To (To Lay Here With Me)
03. Eddie Rabbitt - Laughin' On The Outside
04. Eddie Rabbitt - You Can't Run From Love
05. Eddie Rabbitt - The Best Years Of My Life
06. Eddie Rabbitt - Suspicions
07. Eddie Rabbitt - Stranger In Your Eyes
08. Eddie Rabbitt - Pretty Lady
09. Eddie Rabbitt - Hearts On Fire
10. Eddie Rabbitt - Step By Step
11. Eddie Rabbitt - Pour Me Another Tequila
12. Eddie Rabbitt - I Can't Help Myself
13. Eddie Rabbitt - Could You Love A Poor Boy Dolly
14. Eddie Rabbitt - I Don't Wanna Make Love (With Anyone Else But You)
15. Eddie Rabbitt - I Just Want To Love You
16. Eddie Rabbitt - Ain't I Something
17. Eddie Rabbitt - Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby
18. Eddie Rabbitt - Every Which Way But Loose