019 – Josh Feola (Pangbianr/Mind Eraser)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011: Snags — with guest Josh Feola (Pangbianr/Mind Eraser/Black Monk)

Pangbianr is a collective brought together by Beijing locals with mutual interest in underground music, film, art, and food. A platform to explore and spring DIY culture in a land away from what's "happening" and organize interdisciplinary cultural events, specifically involved with their local artists, musicians, filmmakers, and farmers. We discuss Beijing's diverse underground community and bands, SXSW, perspectives, Chinese politics, and future goals.

Carsick Cars will be performing & Chinese experimental films will be projected at this year's Cease to Exist! Presents: Night of Rage III. For a list of other shows Pangbianr has helped organize for Chinese bands during SXSW, visit here.

For more information on close Pangbianr affiliates, please visit: Zoomin Night (Weekly Experimental Showcase in Beijing) & Rose Mansion Analog (Beijing DIY tape label)


1. Carsick Cars - "Stick" **
2. Carsick Cars - "Mexico" **
3. Ourself Beside Me - "Sunday Girl"
4. Queen Sea Big Shark - "Neo Man" **
5. Hot & Cold - "Uighur Pop"
6. Soviet Pop - "Deutsch"
7. Offset Spectacles - "Snags (碰壁)"
8. Chuiwan - "Live @ Raying Temple"
9. Fat City - "Waiting for No. 2"
10. Carpet of Let - "Psychokinesis (excerpt)"
11. Ice Seller - "Smile (笑)"
12. Xiao He - "Live at Santos Party House (NYC)"
13. Hedgehog - "Tell Them I Love You (告诉他们我爱你)"
14. Birdstriking - "Space Hakka"
**Performing at SXSW 2011